Thursday, June 18, 2009

Summer Reading Challenge 2009

  Summer Challenge 2009 
  • Challenge: Summer Reading Challenge 2009
  • Start date: June 21, 2009
  • Finish date: September 21, 2009

    Hosted By: A Southern Daydreamer Reads


    1. Make a list of books you want to read this summer.
    2. Write a post with your list on your blog. (You can add to or change this list at any time during the challenge)
    3. Please post the direct link to your Summer Reading Challenge 2009 post. (so that other participants can visit and see what you are reading)
    4. You can write another post in September to let everyone know how you did.

  • List of Summer Reading Challenge participants:

    We will have another challenge for Fall 2009. The purpose of the challenge is for everyone to read and have fun!


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    1. Heard about your challenge from J. Kayes Book Blog.
      First time I have taken a book challenge.
      Thanks for setting it up.

    2. Also heard about this challenge from J. Kayes Book Blog. This will be my very first book challenge.

    3. another one from J. Kaye's Book Blog.

      I need this to get my summer plan going. sigh, except I know plans change....

    4. I would love to join this book challenge. However, I don't have a blog. I also heard about it from J. Kaye's Book Blog.


    5. I heard about this through J. Kaye's Book Blog too, {must be quite the happening places}. Thanks for hosting A Southern Daydreamer Reads!

    6. Thank you for posting my link!!

    7. I don't remember if I heard about this through J.Kaye's or A Novel Challenge - anyway - I'm in!!

    8. Please sign me up! I've posted my write up with my list of tentative reads. Don't really remember, but I think I first read about this one at She Is Too Fond of Books. But whatever - thanks so much for hosting this!

    9. I'll be reading the Kathy Reichs series so I'll post about them tomorrow and link up! Read mostly cookbooks and kiddie books up til yesterday. LOL

    10. This is the first reading challenge I've signed up for and I'm really excited about it. Thanks for hosting it!

    11. Thanks for hosting this. I just officially blogged about it on my blog. Ahhh, the joys of summer reading.

    12. I am so excited to find other readers online!

    13. Thanks for posting my link. I hope that you don't mind, but I posted an article on and mentioned/linked to your challenge and blog. I do a challenge there called 50 Books in a Year and just posted that I had completed the challenge.

      Let me know if you are not okay with that:) They have a great bunch of readers there.

    14. Great challenge! I'm so excited as it will keep me focused on actually finishing some books. I look forward to this!

    15. Great fun, Don't know how I will do- already and overloaded list! I am so happy to find your blog through Southern Aspirations- who posted a comment on MRS BLANDINGS site- who had written a post about MY Summer Reading Series-I have written about Mrs. Blandings. Almost there- 6 degrees of separation. More post from other fav. bloggers next week. stop in. LA

    16. I heard about your challenge at Stella Matutina and it sounds like a lot of fun and a great way to ease back into reading outside of the trains again. So here I am! ^-^

    17. I've posted my book list on my blog. Thanks for hosting this fun challenge.

    18. Susan, please delete my first Mr. Linky link (#31). It leads to the wrong entry. #32 is correct. Thanks.

    19. Susan (just above this comment) was my link to this blog & the challenge! FUN! I am going to post my books-to-read on my blog before the evening ends! I LOVE this idea! Can't wait to discover lots of new books through YOUR readers! THANKS!

    20. Will be signing up , but have yet to make my Challenge page will sign on linky when I have it set up.

    21. This sounds like fun, how did i miss it when it came out.

    22. I found your challenge over at J. Kayes.
      It's a little late for me to be starting, but what the heck...I'll give it a try.

      I'll try to get my list posted in the next day or so, and then I'll come back and link it.


    23. I'm a techno wacko - Somehow I deleted my original post (#39 on Mr. Linky), so I reposted - SORRY!

    24. I've been doing this challenge but I forgot to post my post! I'll get it up and linked asap. Thank you.

    25. Just discovered this blog through your Southern Dreamer site. I'll look forward to reading your psots!

    26. I have finished:

      1. Taylor, Theodore Sweet Friday Island
      2. Anderson, Joan The SEcond Journey
      3. Henry, Sue Fiver Finger Light
      4. sobol Donale, J True Seas Adventures
      5. Radin. Ruth Yaffee Tac's Island
      6. Fox, Paula The Village by the Sea
      7. Hoffman, Alice Aquarmarine
      8. Fox, Paula Monkey Island
      9. GGreen, Jane Dune Road
      10. Craig, Philip R. Cliff Hanger
      11. Rice, Luanne Deep Blue Sea for Beginners

    27. Hi Susan,
      I found your blog a while ago. I'm wondering if you're going to do another reading challenge for the fall/winter? Thanks.

    28. Just posted my Challenge wrap-up on my blog:

      This one has been lots of fun. Thanks so much for hosting!


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