Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Introducing “Weekend Reading”

Starting Friday, June 26, I am going to start a new weekly post called Weekend Reading ….  to answer the question

“What are you reading this weekend/week? “

You can either link to your post (blog) or leave a comment…….

You can use the following format for your post…. or come up with one of your own!


weekend reading

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  1. I will mark my calendar for the start of this....In the mean time I will keep working on my spring list of books-- I am hoping to get 3 more books done by June 26.

  2. sounds fun, thanks for making things happen!

  3. I posted my weekend reads on my site. This sounds like a fun post. Thanks! Have a great weekend.

  4. I posted again what I will be reading over the weekend. Although I work Saturday and Sun. I do hope to get some reading time in as well..

  5. hi, i am reading "Michigan" its a Christian based novel with 4 diff novelettes in it, very good reading, author is Gail G. Martin


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